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Genus Neivamyrmex

     To this subfamily belong the New World legionary and army ants, until recently included within the Dorylinae. Taylor (1978), Snelling (1981), and Gotwald (1981) have treated the ecitonines as a separate subfamily and limited the dorylines to the Old World. ADD REFS TO BOLTON & HOLLDOBLER & WILSON
      In the desert region of California we have only the genus Neivamyrmex, represented by six species. Most are very poorly known within our area. Males are commonly attracted to lights. Workers are, as a rule, collected at night when the foraging or emigration columns may be found in rocky canyons and washes. Rarely is a bivouaced colony located. Some species, such as N. leonardi, are probably wholly hypogaeic.

1 Node of petiole, from above, elongate, clearly longer than broad (Figs. 39?40); largest workers more than 5 mm long . .
-- Node of petiole, from above, stout, about as broad as long
(Fig. 41); largest workers 3?4 mm long

2(1) Head more or less shiny, not densely sculptured and opaque; at least side of pronotum usually distinctly shiny
-- Head and mesosoma opaque, densely and often coarsely sculptured (fig. 38a)
nigrescens (Cresson) (part)
3(2) Basal margin of mandible evenly curved into masticatory margin, without a tooth or corner at their junction (Fig. 33)
-- Basal margin of mandible straight, forming distinct tooth or angle with masticatory margin (Fig. 35)
4(3) Dorsal surface of propodeum distinctly depressed below level of mesonotum (Fig. 00); metafemur long, 6.4 x as long as deep

nigrescens (Cresson) (part)
-- Dorsal surface of propodeum not distinctly depressed (Fig. 00); metafemur shorter, 5.2 x as long as deep
californicus (Mayr)
5(3) Head and mesosoma largely or entirely conspicuously roughened and opaque or semiopaque; head relatively broad (Fig. 00)

opacithorax (Mayr)
-- Head and mesosoma smooth and shiny, with only occasional indications of sculpturing on mesosoma; head relatively narrow (Fig. 00)

nyensis Watkins
6(1) Small species, HW not exceeding 1.0 mm; frontal carina complete, forming broad lamella below antennal socket; dorsal surface of propodeum at least as long as declivitous face; anteroventral tooth of petiole present but weak

leonardi (Wheeler)
-- Larger species, HW at least 1.0 mm; frontal carina abruptly narrowed below, not forming lamella below antennal socket; dorsal face of propodeum distinctly shorter than declivitous face; anteroventral tooth of petiole usually well developed and with posterior lamella

swainsonii (Shuckard)
1 Mandible sickle?shaped (Figs. 43, 45) 2
-- Mandible not sickle?shaped (Figs. 44, 46) 5
2 (1) Small, slender species, length 8-9 mm 3
-- Large, robust species, length 11-13 mm swainsonii (Shuckard)
3 (2) Lateral ocelli not on prominent raised area and OOD greater than OD (Fig. 45)
-- Lateral ocelli on raised area distinctly above level of rest of head and OOD less than 0.50 x OD (Fig. 43)
minor (Cresson)
4 (3) Robust species; head and body dark charcoal grey; apical fork of volsella with one to several small teeth along inner margin (Fig. 00)

microps Borgmeier

--�������� More slender species; head and mesosoma blackish, gaster reddish brown; apical fork of volsella without teeth along inner margin (Fig. 00)
mojave (M. Smith)
5 (4) From above, dorsal surface of head forming distinct ridges over antennal sockets (Fig. 46); mesosomal dorsum subopaque to opaque

nigrescens (Cresson)
-- From above, dorsal surface of head rounded, not forming distinct ridges over antennal sockets (Fig. 44); mesosomal dorsum moderately shiny

opacithorax (Emery)
(N. microps and N. opacithorax are included here as they may be present within our area, at least marginally.)



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